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At Keeper, we pride ourselves in offering a personalized corporate security service with the most advanced electronic security technology at your fingertips. We provide consultation, planificación and design of security projects, with the knowledge and experience of our in-house specialized technical team certified internationally.

Additionally, we have the support of the brands we represent, with the backing of our international partners in the execution of our security projects, creating international success stories in electronic security.

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Find out about our Solutions

Corporate Solutions


Keeper offers Strategic Security Solutions for your industry, our solutions are customized to meet your security needs. Our trained technical team provides a professional and timely installation and maintenance service to protect everything that is most important for the safety of your business.

Access Control

Keeper's Access Control solutions are scalable, from a single door to large-scale corporate and industrial applications, we address the access needs of our customers in a particular way. Our Access Control solutions are fully integrated with our digital video surveillance and visitor management solutions, offering a complete and integrated security solution. We understand the importance of offering you quality products and a matching quality in service, and we are dedicated to offering you both with excellent systems that are easy to use.


The detection and extinction of fires help to safeguard human lives and protect the assets of a company. Keeper offers revolutionary systems for the detection and extinction of fires at a corporate, commercial and industrial level. Our wide range of quality products approved, designed and manufactured in Europe and the United States offer the peace of mind required by a fire safety system. Our local offices with specialized technical service and quality products offer consistency, performance standards and quality and keep your business in compliance with municipal fire protection laws.

Theft Prevention

The world of retail has evolved into a dynamic environment where the demands of the retailer go beyond the protection of assets. The solutions from Keeper encourage the advance in security and protection by activating smart ways to protect and improve the retail business. More than 90% of the retail companies in Paraguay choose the solutions from Keeper. We use the latest technology AM, RFID, video, and infrared to know thoroughly how your business is working which will help you fight against reductions and enrich your customers’ purchase experience.


The distortion of the inventory affects your profits and the lack of its visualization leads to wrong planning and incorrect assignment of merchandise. This affects the sale and rotation of your products and results in unnecessary expenses and low profits. The RFID solutions from Keeper solve the problem in inventory visualization: “What do I have in my store/ warehouse? Where is it? How much do I have? How certain are we about it? We provide the retailers with the visualization of inventory and goods that they need in real time to improve operations, optimize performance, and create memorable experiences for the buyer.

EAS Intelligence

The service EAS Intelligence from Keeper is the latest thing in smart solutions for retail. There is certain information about the behavior of customers that every retailer must know. Using these traffic intelligence statistics, we can obtain valuable information through key indicators, also known as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which help in the making of decisions and improve the assignment of resources. Learning about your customer’s behavior helps you to optimize your operations. An example of this is changing the amount of cashiers per day and per shift and the amount of salespeople according to the hours of highest client traffic. You can also assess the results of marketing campaigns and adjust them to boost the conversion rates if it is needed.

Building Automation

The building automation system is a new corporate solution from Keeper. We welcome you to the smart, simple, and safe world of Johnson Controls. Johnson Controls is the world leader in solutions for equipment, control and heating service, air conditioning, refrigeration, and security systems. An automation system enables you:   - To reduce energy expenses and optimize the installation and maintenance total cost   - To increase energetic efficiency and make sure you building work in a safe and reliable way.   - The supervision controllers offer a complete web management for one or several places.

Trespass Prevention

We protect your business 7 days a week, 24 hours a day through our solutions against trespass that are: reliable, adaptable, and enduring. Trusting on the same quality as ever, the solutions from Keeper against trespass are easy to install, simple to operate, integrate, and update. It is an effective security system that not only secures the physical space, but also guarantees an improved performance and a lower cost through the reduction of false alarms and the prevention of losses. All the solutions are managed remotely through wireless devices that have international certification.

Fire and Gas Extinguishing

A better protection starts with a better detection. The fixed and portable solutions to detect flames and gas plus the strategic knowledge leading in the industry add up to the power of protection. “Tyco Gas and Fire Detection”, backed up by hundreds of years of experience and the most complete gas and flame detection portfolio in the industry, devotes itself to protect people, properties, and the environment. We detect TOGETHER. WE ALWAYS PROTECT.
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  • Fires
  • Theft Prevention
  • RFID
  • EAS Intelligence
  • Building Automation
  • Trespass Prevention
  • Fire and Gas Extinguishing

Keeper provides advanced visibility to all the operations of its clients' businesses with the following CCTV solutions:

  • IP: High resolution and better quality
  • Analog: better cost/ benefit relationship
  • Panoramic view of 180 degrees
  • Compatibility with portable devices


Simplex is one of the most trustworthy brands in the industry of protection against fires. Clients around the world trust in Simplex fire detection systems to keep people and property safe every day.

The steerable Simplex system is smart, proactive, meets specifications, and has national and international certifications. It performs a series of auto – diagnosis every 4 minutes and sends notifications about the system status.


The Inventory Intelligence Software is a suite of RFID applications that allows retailers to increase the visualization of inventories by using data collected from mobile devices. It establishes a solid ground for a retailer commercial strategy with increased inventory visualization to meet the needs of the customer with confidence and efficiency. This operational efficiency in inventory processes makes sure products are in the right place at the right time to guarantee their purchase.
“EAS Intelligence is the future in the management of retailers. The quality of information given by TrueVue for the making of decisions will mark the difference between the successful stores and the others. The possibility of seeing the performance of the store in real time will allow for making swift and effective decisions to improve sales as well as the client’s satisfaction.” - Ing. Jorge Sosa, Keeper.


We provide strategic security solutions according to our clients and market’s needs.

To provide customized counseling and implementation of highly degree of reliability in security levels.

Implement technology development by the use of high-end solutions

«If your business is your world, we protect it.»


We provide strategic security solutions to meet the needs of our customers and the market.

We provide personalized consultation, implementing security systems with a high degree of reliability.

We accompany the development of technology, using cutting-edge solutions.

«If your world is your business, we protect it»


Nowadays, more than 80% of the top 200 global retailers use the solutions in Theft Prevention (EAS), original labeling, traffic count and inventory intelligence from Sensormatic. The solutions from Sensormatic help to reduce losses, improve business operations, and increase the experience of the purchaser. The series Synergy from Sensormatic is the latest generation of smart detection systems, interconnected and modular for an ideal integrated performance in retail and the maximization of your investment in Theft Prevention.

The result is a complete and integrated building control solution with:

  • Easy programming and start-up
  • Communication with multiple webs
  • Exchange of integrated data in the whole web
  • Remote access towards diverse communication technologies
  • Easy visualization with an intuitive user interface


  • We provide strategic security solutions according to our clients and market’s needs.
  • To provide customized counseling and implementation of highly degree of reliability in security levels.
  • Implement technology development by the use of high-end solutions

«If your world is your business, we protect it»

We have fire extinguishing industrial solutions that meet the different needs in protection of any kind of environment, keeping your business working and minimizing the losses due to fire events. The specialized brands that we represent are: Scott Safety, DC Detcon Inc, Simtronics Fire & Gas, GMI (Gas Measurement Instruments), and Oldham.

360 Security

Keeper is the leading security company in Paraguay. Our clients and trajectory endorse us, with technology at the forefront of security and protection. Our commitment: "Anticipate and exceed the expectations of our customers, complying with the quality of the products we represent, providing excellence in our consulting service and personalized attention".
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Over 30 years of Security Expertise.


We are the equivalent of security and protection for banks, government institutions, consumer companies, businesses and industries.

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Our Team

Graciela Trinidad de Médal, Executive President:

“The most important factor at Keeper has always been our human resources. It is a place where young professionals with great potential can develop and grow; we encourage team work and celebrate those who show passion, hard work and dedication in what they do.”

Manuel Quijano, General Manager:

“Keeper is a company where business opportunities turn into realities through an excellent service and the implementation of good corporate practices.”

Ing. Jorge Sosa, Technical Department Manager:

“We don’t only work at Keeper. We build the future with solutions for the needs of our clients by blending the best qualities of each team member with eagerness and professionalism.”

Eduardo Bieber, EAS Business Manager:

“We continuously keep up with market dynamics, turning Keeper into a competitive player according to the demands of the market and of each particular client.”

Mariano Torres, CI Business Manager:

“Our clients choose us because we are a specialized technical team committed to provide reliable and top level solutions to all of our clients.”

Rene Patiño, Head of Operations:

“We constantly build up on the experience acquired throughout the years by training our workers and complementing our highly professional team with solid values.”

Isidro Ferreira, Head of Administration:

“As a Keeper executive I always feel listened to. We work in a positive team environment, with a sense of family which is encouraged by the Management.”

Hugo Caballero, Head of Distribution Channel:

“Our experience in security solutions is supported by the technical service we provide. This way, we make sure the client makes a long- term investment.”

Jorge Chamorro, Chief of Systems:

“We always strive for excellence applying a high level of technical knowledge to all the work we do.”

Isabel Larroza, Customer Service:

“We strive every day to go beyond service and attention expectations. Clients are the most valuable assets in any company. At Keeper, we live and practice this day by day, as part of our corporate philosophy and our organizational culture. ”

Leonardo González, Head of Human Talent :

“Everyday we work with a solid and committed human team that guards our company vision, which is focused on our clients.”

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